We wish everyone a happy, holy and blessed Easter!

 Easter Gardens

This year we have Easter gardens inside and outside the church. 

Outside the church front door we have set up a cross, and around it have arranged the laminated artwork created by the students of Holy Family Primary School. Larger versions are shown inside the church, displayed around the walls. . Each age group has helped with the designs, and we are very grateful to the school and the teachers also for this lovely addition to our celebration of Easter. We took a few photos on Saturday after some preliminary work was done. More to follow...

 Hosanna  HF cross
 Holy Family School artwork  HF Primary poster

Tuesday 30th March. Garden artwork now back in place. As I write this the sun is glorious and the weather is warm. No excuse not to have a look as you pass!

 Holy Family Easter Artwork EasterGarden3 
 EasterGarden6  EasterGarden1
 EasterGarden8  EasterGarden7

And some more pictures showing the preparations for the garden inside the church...

HFInsideGarden3Inside Garden begins  HFInsideGarden2Inside Garden under construction! 
HFInsideGarden1Tess hard at work! Easter Garden Final

Easter In Another Place: We have joined with Holy Family School in a project entitled ‘Easter In Another Place’ and the video has been compiled and edited from the contributions received, and is now available for viewing on YouTube. You can see more information about the project.

And don't forget the Hesketh Park trail, which is a competition, but is also a great way of enjoying an hour in Hesketh Park. You would even call it educational, as you're bound to learn something!