Blankets 2021
The knitting ladies have done it again! Here’s a sample of our efforts which included hats, scarves, teddies and small woolly jumpers as well as the blankets. They were despatched on 28th May to ‘Knitting for Peace’ (HQ in London) who provide ‘warmth’ throughout desperate regions in the world, including the U.K.

The gals are still knitting - and we will continue our project!

We discovered there was a need for very small blankets for the Neo-Natal Ward in Ormskirk Hospital, especially for the premature babies - here’s an example!

Neo Natal blankets

We’ve also knitted tiny (very tiny) hats too, and have donated some teddies to help out on the children’s Ward. The teddies can be a lovely distraction for an upset child, especially when they haven't any toys of their own to hand...

Small knitted toys

Meantime, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone. If you would like to continue knitting then please do carry on.

Don't let us stop you!!

Ever wondered how the knitted squares turn into blankets? Easy, someone (mainly Maggi I'm led to believe) sews them together, using matching or contrasting yarn.