Yellow fluffy Chicks
Along the lines of our highly successful exhibition which ran during 2020, we thought we would have another theme for 2021.

In keeping with the spirit of the year, the theme is NEW LIFE...

Otherwise the 'rules' are much the same as last time, and just as broad in application.

We'd like to see anything that you've done, you think will be interesting for others to see. A painting, wood carving, sculpture, pottery, photograph, an artistic/creative corner of your garden perhaps, It is only limited by your imagination and the theme. In case you've forgotten already, it's NEW LIFE

Just take a picture and email or post it to the Parish Office and we'll do the rest. Try and make sure it's as sharp and bright as you can get it so it looks its best. 

Give us a bit of information about it, and, please, tell us who you are!

We start the ball rolling with a lovely picture sent in by Marion, of her daughter and Joshua John who arrived late November.MarionJosh1
These are her words... "Not sure if a photo of a newborn baby would fit the criteria for New Life, this is Joshua John born on 25th November 2020. He’s giving hope and new life in our family. 
God bless
Marion xx"

Hope and new life is what this exhibition is all about! Now let's have some more....

This time of the year allows free rein for budding plants, trees, flowers, so here are a few from Deborah, Sheila and Mairin. Thanks for sending them in. Keep them coming...

Deborah Cannell  Mairin1 
 Ray Woods1  Deborah Cannell
Deborah Cannell (2)   Sheila G

 Many thanks to Kathy Bowers for sending these great close-ups. The bee on the flower really makes you think of spring... She tells me that these are John's work really! We'll just call it a team effort...

John Bowers   John Bowers
 John Bowers  John Bowers


A couple from Mike Anderson, taken while doing a bit of garden tidying. The fantastic thing about fungi is how they suddenly appear from nowhere, and only last a short time. Not the most attractive 'plants' but an amazing, different facet of God's creation.

I'll send you a tin of Medium Tan Cherry Blossom as a bit prize!

 Wood Ear fungus Mike A Wood Ear fungus Mike A 


Moving on to a set from Kathleen Smith...I'd like to think you set up your easel in a nice sunny rural location, Kathleen, and emerged a few hours later with these impressionistic creations of your surroundings! Don't tell me, don't spoil it...

Brilliant, well done, and so different in their 'feel'...

Kathleen Art New Life
 Kathleen Art New Life
Kathleen Art New Life
 Kathleen Art New Life  Kathleen Art New LifeIt makes you want to stroke these feathers! 

The seasons and the growth that follows never stand still for long. Even if the winter slows everything down, the foot's on the gas for spring!

Mairin's a regular in Hesketh Park and her last photo was only a month ago. Look at it all now! Thank you to everyone who sends in photos. It's a great pleasure to see them and put them on the website so you can all enjoy them.

Mairin At Hesketh ParkAnother photo from Hesketh park to show the growth of croci in a month since my last picture.

And now a couple of photos from Tess, one of which shows peacock Java showing off for the first time this year (3rd March), as well as a super display of catkins.

 Tess H catkinsCatkins hoping to produce hazelnuts!  
 Tess H Java Peacock
Not new life yet, but hoping Java Peacock is preparing to initiate it!

  Tess's Java Peacock's first full
  show on the 3rd March

Deborah's been taking a bit of exercise round and about. She's got a good eye for a picture...

Captain Tom MooreCaptain Tom Moore  Deborah C Swans Swan Lake... 
  99 Anyone?Doesn't that look inviting? 99 Anyone?

The next few pictures are from Katharine McK including a drawing by her niece of the White Rabbit....'I'm late, I'm late...'

Thank you so much for these, please keep them coming in...

 Katharine McK 1 Katharine McK 3 
 Katharine McK 4 Katharine McK 2 
White Rabbit Katharine McK 5  

Two of the latest pictures are from Mike and Tess, with Mike's showing the frog spawn and new growth in his pond, and Tess's new-born chicks. Life continues...

 MikeAndersonFrogSpawnPond  Tess Chicks

We seem to have found this a little too late for the Easter montage, many apologies to Katherine but it's a fitting part of 'New Life' so we show it here for everyone to enjoy. Thanks Kath!

Kath McKinnon New Life

A couple more from Tess, this time showing the mischievous side of some adorable new born kittens...

Tess Kittens 1  Tess Kittens 2 

The thing about new borns is that they grow up, as I imagine Marion is finding out. We started this collection with Joshua born near the end of November, and it's now the end of April so he's 5 months old, and probably looks a touch bigger than our early photo!

And so to Tess's 'collection'. Pity the robin is a bit blurred, but isn't it amazing how tame they can be, eating out of the palm of your hand. And who would think these tiny chicks will be turkeys in a little while?

Regarding Cheeky the robin, a few words from Tess: "Cheeky follows me round the garden for his treats! Must now have chicks as he now collects 3 before flying back to the nest. Usually takes one and eats it. Always back for more." Wonderful...

Tess Robin  Tess 
 Tess Bluebells  Tess Turkey Chicks

Ever observant Tess has managed to get some photos of Cheeky and Cheeky junior. As I said in my email to her 'Looks just like a stroppy 2/3 year old!' Look at the curl of that beak...

 Cheeky plus junior 
 Cheeky junior 1 Cheeky junior2