Hesketh Park Trail
Sean and Kathleen have put together a walking trail around Hesketh Park. I know it's been cold lately, but that's no excuse, and you need the fresh air and exercise!

Yellow fluffy Chicks
Along the lines of our highly successful exhibition which ran during 2020, we thought we would start up something new for 2021.

In keeping with the spirit of the year, the theme is NEW LIFE...



HF Car Park 03

You will have seen a transformation of the borders around the car park...

Gill McMullen Teddies for cafod

Gill McMullen, one of our fellow parishioners at Holy Family

Of course, it's not quite like your usual art exhibition.

But then 2020 is hardly like a usual year!

We're starting a new collection of photos etc for 2021, with the theme of 'New Life'

You can still see all the 2020 contributions...

Music & Memories

It was mentioned to us last year (2019) that it would be good if we could have a simple social afternoon on a regular basis, for a chat, tea and cake, and a few songs from the old days (whenever that was!). So we thought 'Good idea! Why not?'.