Of course, it's not quite like your usual art exhibition.

But anyone can enter and see their work displayed...

You'd normally have to go to a gallery to see the entries, but these will all be shown on our website.

And we'd like to see anything that you've done, you think will be interesting for others to see. A painting, wood carving, sculpture, pottery, photograph, scale model of Holy Family church in matchsticks, an artistic/creative corner of your garden perhaps, It is only limited by your imagination.

It's probably not such a good idea to bring in the original, just take a picture and email or post it to the Parish Office and we'll do the rest. Try and make sure it's as sharp and bright as you can get it so it looks its best.

Give us a bit of information about it, and, please, tell us who you are!

We're starting off with John Bowers' painted roof tiles and Maggi's blankets. Was your tile painting inspired by Van Gogh, John?

Painted roof tiles by John Bowers

John Bowers writes:

"My best friend has a house in France and when we stayed his wife asked me to paint an old roof tile off the barn. I’ve done them for years and they look nice in the garden bringing extra colour
They improve with age when weathered."
There's no answer to that!











Although Maggi would never claim these as 'all her own work', she sews them together from squares that she, and others, have knitted. They become lovely, colourful works of handmade art, to be sent abroad to benefit the less fortunate. 






Bike Ride Deb Cannell  Bike Rides Deb Cannell 
 Bike Ride Deb Cannell 

A few lovely photos taken by Deborah on bike rides around Southport. Keep your eyes open and you, too, can see all this first hand.


The great weather is certainly getting us out and into the sunshine. Tess Newton sent these pictures of poppies (and a bee or two...)




And now some great sketches from Ewa. Apart from the monochrome sketch they are all Disney or Pixar creations. Perhaps you can name them?

And who is depicted in the monochrome sketch? 

 EwaSketches6No 6 EwaSketches1No 1
No 2 EwaSketches2
EwaSketches3No 3
 EwaSketches4No 4 EwaSketches5No 5
 EwaSketches7No 7 EwaSketches8
 No 8


And now some embroidery from Joanna Smith. She did this piece with the fox as a relaxation whilst working from home. Now there's a good idea, although we might not all be able to match her standard.

Joannas embroidered fox

Kathleen likes to experiment with acrylics and compressed pastels. Here are some of her designs. Brilliant!

 Kathleen's acrylic/compressed pastels  Kathleen's acrylic/compressed pastels
  Kathleen's acrylic/compressed pastels