HF Car Park 03

Please bring in any bulbs ASAP, and leave in the box in the church porch, or the presbytery. Thanks for all your support...

Over the last weeks you will have seen a transformation of the borders around the car park...

 A dedicated small team of volunteers has been working tirelessly (with the aid of tea and lashings of laughter) to change our car park area from 'jungle' to garden.

The photo above shows a BEFORE view where you can see how overgrown it all is, and how little the church can be seen. There are a few more pictures below.

 Car Park Gardens Project  Car Park Gardens Project
 Car Park Gardens Project  Car Park Gardens Project

Trees have been cut, brambles cleared, weeds pulled up, masses of digging, and grinding of tree stumps, and the overall effect is nothing short of miraculous. It is intended to sow grass seed and allow the area to green over naturally, but without all the weeds, and unwanted growth.

One of the team, Lucy Woods, then had an idea...

"Why don't we plant bulbs in the vast empty places that have been created before grass seed goes down to finish it off?"

This is where we come in .(that's you and me folks, parishioners)

If anyone would like to donate a bag of bulbs, we would be very grateful to receive them. Ideally they need to be bulbs that naturalise in a wooded area, Daffodils, Crocus and Snowdrops are ideal. Depending on the variety we could have daffodils flowering from late January until early May ! Snowdrops making a first appearance soon after Christmas!


We said we would let you know when we needed your donated bulbs. That time is NOW!

Please drop them off at the church porch and we will arrange for a receptacle to put them in...

Thank you for helping us.

We would be creating a place that gets better every year and now is the time to do it!

After the year we have all had, together let's make spring 2021 something to look forward to.

 Car Park Gardens Project Car Park Gardens Project 
 Car Park Gardens Project Car Park Gardens Project