UPDATED In order that you can come and share in our worship, the beauty of the church, and just being with the Lord at Holy Family, we are working hard to ensure that everyone is safe.

July 2021: In spite of vaccinations, and the easing of lockdown likely from the 19th July, it is likely that some people will still be fearful about returning to church services.

Our cleaning and sanitising procedures remain the same as before, we have not changed or relaxed them. This is to give YOU, the parishioner or visitor to our lovely church, the confidence that you are as safe as possible in our congregation.

If you are coming to Holy Family please read and comply with the following measures which we have put in place for your protection.

  • Everyone over 11 will be asked to wear face masks throughout – from the moment you approach the Church to when you leave the grounds. Please bring your own. If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, please let us know.
  • Hand sanitiser stations are situated around the church. Please use them as often as you can and certainly before, and after, Communion.
  • The Church itself will be very well ventilated with doors being kept open. Please dress appropriately for the temperature, including being prepared for rain on the way in.
  • There will be Stewards to meet everyone at the Church door, with other Stewards inside to take details of those attending. We are required to take a register of all those attending each service. Stewards will also show you to your seat and ask you to come forward for Communion where appropriate.
  • If you have a card with your barcode, it will speed up church entry if you can have it available. If you don't have one, please ask and we will make/send one for you.
  • The Church has been laid out to ensure social distancing and minimise movement. Those parts of each bench where we ask you not to sit will be clearly marked. Family groups can sit together. Wheelchair users will be directed separately by Stewards.
  • We need to keep the porch and walkways clear, and everyone will be asked to sit in the main body of the Church. Please don’t bring pushchairs, prams etc if at all possible. The two small benches at the back of the Church have been removed.
  • There will be no collections during Mass, although a basket will be provided on the way in and way out for envelopes, cash etc.
  • The Church toilets will not be available.
  • We are asking that there is no genuflecting as holding onto the church benches for balance and using the kneelers means there would be many more areas that need to be cleaned afterwards. Please just bow instead.
  • Similarly there should be no touching, kissing etc of statues. All candles and holy water have been removed and the Piety Stall closed.
  • Paper copies of the bulletin will not be available, though it will, of course, continue to be on the website and will also be posted out to those who have requested it.
  • Masses will be shorter than normal. There will be no singing and hymn books will not be available.
  • The procedure for receiving Holy Communion has changed and will be explained at the start of each Mass. The main change is that Communion will be given out at the very end of Mass, after the final blessing, as everyone is leaving the Church. Again, the Stewards will direct everyone. Please don’t leave your seat until asked to do so.
  • Please don’t bring much into church – bags etc. It will not be possible to return to your seat after Communion.
  • The church will be cleaned immediately after each Mass.

This list has been produced using the Archdiocese of Liverpool guidelines, and our risk assessment based on our own church and circumstances at Holy Family.

CLICK HERE for the full risk assessment document