Advent & Christmas

We do not know what the next few months are going to bring in the light of the Covid-19 situation and restrictions on socialisation. We do not know whether churches will be open or closed and whether we will still be able to gather even with appropriate social distancing. 

One thing is for sure - Christmas at Holy Family will be very different this year and we cannot be clear at this time about the form that Advent and Christmas services will take. 

but Advent & Christmas WILL happen! Please see our requirements for crib safety this year to comply with the up to date rules...

Advent Reflection Service on Sunday 29th November at 3.00 pm

This will be on ZOOM and also recorded and available on YouTube from about 5 pm.
If you are new to ZOOM please contact the Parish Office for joining details.

We will plan for the worst and hope for the best. Whatever constrains us however, our parish will wait prayerfully in preparation for the coming of Our Lord during Advent and will celebrate His coming at Christmas. Our ways of doing this may change, but we will join together, safely, as a parish in some way. 

Over the next few weeks, please watch out for news of how you and your families can get involved in lots of new and creative ways! 

NEW Preparation for Christmas

We are preparing a Carol Concert to be delivered over Zoom on Sunday 20th December. We will be recording parishioners of Holy Family playing musical accompaniments over the next few weeks. To accompany the music, we invite parishioners to produce pictures of Christmas scenes using the themes below:

· Bethlehem
· Angel choirs
· Magi (wise men)
· Shepherds
· Nativity scenes

We need lots of art work in any medium including photography so please don't hold back because you think that we will have too many offerings. We will include everyone's work. This is something for all ages and all families. Send in a team effort if you prefer.

As we did for the Art Exhibition earlier in the year, could you scan/photograph your pictures and email them to the parish office please. The closing date for submissions is the end of November.

Thank you and please join in!

And just before you go!! A little message about crib safety in 2020