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Dear Parishioner and Visitor

We are delighted to announce that Holy Family is open for public Masses, and you can see the timetable below.

We do not feel that reservations are necessary for anything other than special occasions, and would invite you to come to the church, knowing we are still observing all the required measures with social distancing, facemasks and limited seating etc.

We will continue to record Masses on YouTube, and also to Zoom Mass on Sunday morning. The full timetable can be seen below.

We will keep this situation under constant review. Please keep looking on this website for updated information.

We would be delighted if you could join with us in any or all of our prayers.

Services during the next days:

Morning Prayer of the Church Saturday 8th May  7.10 am ZOOM congregation in parish homes
Vigil Mass Saturday 8th May  6.00 pm

Church Congregation

Recorded on YouTube for viewing on demand.

Mass Sunday 9th May 10.15 am

Church Congregation

ZOOM congregation in parish homes

Mass Monday 10th May Morning Recorded on YouTube for viewing on demand.
Mass Tuesday 11th May  9.30 am  Church Congregation
Evening Prayer of the Church Wednesday 12th May  6.00 pm ZOOM congregation in parish homes
Mass Ascension Day Thursday 13th May  9.30 am Church Congregation
Mass       " Thursday 13th May  7.00 pm Church Congregation
Mass Friday 14th May Morning Recorded on YouTube for viewing on demand.


Because of the time taken to process and load recordings for YouTube viewing, we cannot give exact timings. You should be able to watch recorded Masses from around 11 am for Morning, and 8 pm for Evening, but please be patient in case we run into problems.

What's the difference between ZOOM and YouTube?

YouTube is a website where we place recordings of our Masses, so you can watch them later, whenever you like, and as often as you like.

CLICK HERE to see our page with links to YouTube

ZOOM requires you to log in and be present at the time of the service so you can be a part of the service, a part of our community, and also have the opportunity to see and talk with other parishioners, without leaving your home (ZOOM is a video conferencing program). If you wish to be part of this please contact the parish office so we can send you the codes you require. Some computer literacy and simple equipment is required, but be brave and have a go.


As well as our church services we pray together as an online community, using ZOOM :-

Simple Morning Prayer on Saturday morning, start at 7.10am

Evening Prayer on Wednesday evening, start at 6.00pm


We use a video conferencing program called ZOOM which is available for PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones.

If you feel you would like to try this you will need to download and install the software. ZOOM is available as a free account, so please don't sign up to any payment version.

It all sounds rather intimidating for the novice but please, please give it a try if you would like to join in. Getting the best out of this technology just takes a bit of courage and a willingness to learn. We were all first timers once!

We'll try and help you as much as we can, and we think that after a couple of goes you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about!! It would be great to see you and have a chat...

Once installed click on 'Join a meeting' and enter the ID number and the passcode.

In order to receive the ID number and passcode please email Holy Family parish and you will be given the details required.

Please do not share these details but ask people to email for their own, due to newly increased security settings from ZOOM, and so we can keep in contact.