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December 14th 2020

John and Karen have now submitted the proposals so carefully reflected upon and discerned from all the offerings that you provided.

For us as parishes, there will now be a break, (although more reflection will be done by others!) and more information will be given to us around mid March 2021.

Please watch this space... we have left the links so you can still read the proposals.

The 3,500+ proposals and reflections have been read, re-read, reflected on, pored over, prayed over, and the end result is a summary of those proposals, set into subject headings, and also sorted into each of our 4 Themes.

You can read the proposals for the 4 Themes CLICK HERE

 Just to remind you the Themes are:

  1. All called and gifted by God
  2. Sharing the mission of Jesus
  3. How we pray together
  4. Building community, nurturing belonging

Things are so topsy-turvy right now. Why are we bothering?

In all our situations, the Holy Spirit is there, however bad it looks, or desperate it seems. We are people of faith, and that is what binds us together.
WE are church…
Where is He leading us, what sort of church is He calling us to be?
As your local Synod representatives, we really appreciate the support we have been given all through this process. There is more to be done, but we're sure you will give us your whole hearted assistance as always...

God bless from John & Karen

Archbishop Malcolm
From Archbishop Malcolm

"Over 3500 proposals were submitted - thank you.

The Synod Working Party (and others) have worked with all these proposals and have faithfully kept all the proposals and ideas that you have highlighted.

This is what the Working Party are saying.

"Everything that was submitted for each Theme was looked at by different groups made up of working party members and others. Their task was to discern all the issues that you were bringing before the Synod. One aspect to emerge from this work has been that in many cases what was submitted highlighted an area or issue that was seen to be important even though there may not have been an immediately practical suggestion of a proposal. So the summary that is now being shared honours this by including a number of affirmation statements alongside practical proposals. We shared all this with people outside the whole process for their comments and deliberations to ensure that we didn’t miss any strand of idea or proposal that you had put forward. What you receive today is our best attempt at faithfully honouring all that you have said, even if you do not see, word for word, the proposal that you made.

We are now placing before you the proposals and affirmations for you to consider. Even though we are still going through a period of uncertainty we can now confidently move forward to the next steps in discerning what kind of Church God is calling us to be."

NEW : Matters outside the Remit of Synod 2020

Since the beginning of our Synod 2020 journey there has been a clear understanding that some of the issues raised would inevitably be about things that a diocesan bishop does not have the authority to decide on. Through the open meetings, throughout the listening stage, and in the proposals submitted, a number of such issues have come to light. As such these issues do not find a place in the summary document. A Diocesan Synod is not the place where these can be considered.
However, careful note has been made of these issues (none have been lost) and at the Synod gathering in March, when we receive the final Synod Proposals, we will also receive a report that will detail all these issues that lie outside the remit of the Synod with time to reflect on them and respond to them. (These ideas and reflections will not be rushed through, a substantial time will be given to them.)
At the end of our Synod journey a report will be sent to the Bishops’ Conference and to Rome. This report will also include these issues.