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Our Pastoral Plan is to be presented in the first week of Advent

around the end of November 2021... 


Many thanks to all who contributed and took part in the many meetings and processes which led us to this place.

If you take 350 or so Synod members and put them together for a day on Zoom( Saturday 19th June) to discern the final 19 proposals, what do you get?

The results of the process are what most people want to know, ahead of our Archbishop Malcolm going away with the leadership group, to formulate the Pastoral Plan for Liverpool, which will be presented in the 1st Week of Advent at the end of November.
The 4 topics which featured highest in the ‘vote’ turned out to be Evangelisation, Lay Ministry, Young People and Young Adults and Love of Neighbour which all came up as ‘High Priority’.
Personally, I find it interesting that these 4 topics are all concerned with people and relationships, and not about organisational matters.
This Synod is all about what sort of Church God is calling us to be, and then becoming that Church. Why are people not attracted to the Church, and what can we do to turn that around.

Synod Proposals Voting

If you want to see more of the results and in more detail CLICK HERE and follow the link. There’s a good amount of information available, so please have a look.

Once again, thank you to all the parishioners who took part and helped Karen and I over the last 3 years. It is tempting now to think of this as the end of the Synod, but I’m more inclined to think of it as the beginning. We’ve a long way to go. Please come with us on the journey!

This is from the Mass of Thanksgiving at the Cathedral on Sunday afternoon 20th June 2021. Due to social distancing it looks as if only few people were there, but around 200 attended.

Synod Mass Thanksgiving