Signing up for Holy Family to receive Gift Aid on your donations is the easiest way to make sure our Parish benefits the most. If you can, please do it NOW...

What IS Gift Aid?

If you pay income tax, and a lot of us do, even if we are pensioners, then whatever we donate to a registered charity (as opposed to purchase of services or goods) is normally eligible for Gift Aid. Holy Family Parish can reclaim the income tax you paid on the donated amount, which amounts to 25% at present. So the Parish receive your donation PLUS 25% on top, without it costing you any more. Most charities use it to boost their income, and the scheme has been going for years.

Whilst the administration is a bit easier than it used to be, there is still quite a lot of work to satisfy HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs) and reclaim the 25%, and this is where John & Kathy have stepped into the breach. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Do you think you might help us by registering for our Gift Aid scheme?

Archdiocese of Liverpool   Registered Charity No. 1199714

There is a simple form to download and fill in, sign and return, and we will then give you a box of small envelopes into which you can place your donations, After the end of each tax year we will then give you a certificate for tax purposes of the amount you have donated. This information will be classed as confidential and is only accessible to a small number of people who handle finances at Holy Family. 

We can send you our Gift Aid form. It can then be completed and returned to the Parish Office.

"I don't pay income tax, so am not in a position to Gift Aid. What can I do"

In these days of trying to minimise the handling of cash, we would be delighted if you moved over to donations by standing order. Please contact the Parish Office and we can send you details and a form to complete and return to us. Regular donations enable us to look to the future and budget with more certainty. 

Please note that any information provided to us will be regarded as confidential.