Catholic Chaplaincy in hospital
Pastoral Care for Catholic Patients at Southport & Ormskirk Hospital and Queenscourt Hospice

'Your spiritual and religious care is just as important as your physical, psychological and social needs'

If you or a family member are admitted into the hospital/hospice please make sure the Catholic Chaplaincy Team know you are there or ask the staff on the ward to make the contact.

(The following was added by Fr Kevin Sept 2023)

As the hospital chaplain responsible for the care of our catholic community here in Southport, I have asked all our neighbouring parishes who may have access to Southport hospital to enclose the following notice in their newsletter.

"Hospital Chaplaincy.

Traditionally our hospitals have offered 24/7 cover from priests, and it is our intention to continue this whenever possible. However, due to priest numbers, it is becoming extremely difficult (currently we only have 3 priests providing all this cover). It is advisable, therefore, for anyone going into hospital as a routine admission, that they request the Sacrament of the Sick from their parish priest, prior to being admitted. In an emergency, please ask the ward staff to call the priest on call.

Should a priest not be available at that time, our Lay Chaplain, Maria Parker, will respond."

In an emergency ask the ward staff to contact the Catholic Priest. 

For routine visits and Holy Communion contact Maria Parker: 07467 374830

The Catholic Chaplaincy Team at Southport and Ormskirk District General Hospital and Queenscourt Hospice will visit all Catholic patients who request a visit.

How the Catholic Chaplaincy Team Works

The Chaplains provide a day to day listening ear, support, prayer & sacraments at a difficult time, to help recovery and healing.

Priests are on call at all times for emergencies.

What Happens When a Patient Is Admitted?Hands Intertwined

On admission to hospital, hospice or care home you should be asked the following questions (and need to make the subsequent replies if you wish Catholic Chaplaincy support):
• What religion are you? You need to say: Catholic.

Would you like to be seen by the Catholic Chaplaincy? You need to say: Yes please.

Your consent makes it possible for the Chaplain to make contact with you in hospital/hospice. This means you can receive the sacraments (Holy Communion, Anointing, Confession), you may ask for a priest to visit, or another member of the team.

Nurses and doctors recognise that your spiritual and religious care is important to you, especially when you are unwell. However, sometimes the urgency of clinical care can mean that other issues take priority.

Please do not assume that staff will automatically know, or assume, your spiritual and religious needs. The Catholic Chaplaincy Team needs to know that you want them to support you.

Please ask the staff on the ward to contact the Catholic Chaplaincy Team. 

Maria Parker, Lay Chaplain 07467 374830

Anointing of the Sick