Zoom Session
Imagine you’re sitting in church on Sunday morning waiting for Mass to begin. Perhaps you are deaf, or blind. How can you follow the service and feel a valuable part of it, and be a full member of the community?

Perhaps you can’t get to church, because of infirmity, sickness or caring for a loved one? Zoom Logo

We want to spread the word of the gospel to as many people as possible.
Some things will never be quite the same again…the use of communal hymn books for instance, it is difficult to see that returning…
So we are stepping out in faith and trying to use technology to help us reach out as much as possible.
Have you got an iPad or tablet, do you send and receive email, or make video phone calls on Skype and join meetings on Zoom. Look how far we’ve come with gaining familiarity with these new techniques and it’s really amazing how confidence has grown.

Does anything we have said so far resonate with you?

How about Holy Family?

It all started with a Parish Synod meeting and a suggestion from one of our young members, who wanted to be able to see the words of prayers during Mass without having to fumble with a book.

Projector HF1Projected view of Holy Family School Easter poster
And so, just before the first lockdown in 2019, we installed digital projectors so prayers and words for hymns could be shown and read and sung without the use of books (initially so we could sing songs not in the parish hymn books). Little did we know what would happen next...

Suddenly we couldn't attend church! But we learned how to conduct services using Zoom, so people could join in without the need for actually coming to church, and without the health risks involved especially at the height of the pandemic. When we had no parish priest it was the means that enabled us to see each other and just say hello and pray together.

Our vision is to have the words for each Mass accessible to as many people in the parish as possible.

Are you interested in learning some of these skills and helping to be a part of our parish? Now that it's possible for some face to face teaching we'd love to meet you and see what gifts we have in this parish of ours, and combine them to really make a difference. 

We feel we are slowly coming out of that phase, people are starting to return to church attendance, and we must be ready to greet them in this new world, and new is how it feels! We are grasping the positives from the negative.

Jesus said to us, “Do not be afraid”, and He also said, “The harvest is great but the labourers are few’.

Can you help us? As with all things technical and computer, familiarity comes with practice… Send your contact details to the Parish Office and let’s get going…

We'd like to build up a team who want to use technology to enrich our Masses and prayers, for the good of all.

God bless and thank you
John & Karen