CONSULTATION on Families of Parishes - Spring/summer 2024

It is a priority of the Archbishop to explore the resources of each of the deaneries, leading him to be able to establish Families of Parishes.  He has now determined that for our deanery – the Sefton Coast North Deanery – there will be two Families of Parishes, serving the deanery in the North and the South.

FAMILIES OF PARISHES  - Consultation - Spring/summer 2024

What each of us says, thinks or feels really matters. It is in being attentive to this that we hope we will hear the path forward that God wants us to take; a synodal approach.

The following is the vision that emerged from the Synod of the Archdiocese of Liverpool in 2021:

As part of the Pastoral Plan Archbishop Malcolm determined that for him to carry out his role he needed to discern what the Spirit was saying to the Church by listening to the people of God, our faithful community.

Adult Faith Formation

A strong theme emerging from our diocesan synod – and from the wider synodal dialogues and consultations – was the desire for more ongoing adult faith formation.  Such formation can help us deepen our understanding of and our confidence in our faith.  It can help us face the many challenges and questions that arise during every stage of our faith-life.

I can almost feel the following question being asked far and wide...

"Why is this necessary"

Let me introduce myself - I'm John (Moffat) and was asked to be the Parish representative of Holy Family at the Liverpool Archdiocesan Synod.

In our own archdiocesan Synod, and in the wider synodal movement promoted by Pope Francis in recent years, one of the great desires and needs of the faithful that emerged was for adult faith formation to equip us to be more confident and effective witnesses to the Gospel for a changing world.  

Mission for Charity - Helping us to reach out to those in need, providing from our plenty, and seeing Jesus in them.

Mission for Youth - Helping our younger members to find a friendship with Jesus, and to foster that relationship as the very core of living well with each other. Links with our schools to be nurtured to make parish life the natural next step when youth become adults.