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Please don't forget to pray for our schools

We pray for protection for all teachers, staff, pupils and their families as they attend and work in school at this uncertain time.

We especially pray for our own schools of Holy Family and Christ the King.

from Fr Kevin's Desk - a weekly reflection, and more..

Fr Kevin McLoughlin

On Monday we heard from a rather more cautious Prime Minister of our road map out of lock-down. It is clear, that whilst things have vastly improved and the vaccination programme is working incredibly well, we still need to exercise caution as we emerge from what we all hope and pray will be our final lock-down. All being well, I hope to re-open the Church as soon as we deem it safe thus allowing us all to look forward to Holy Week and Easter.

This weekend we hear that amazing Gospel account of the Transfiguration of Jesus. Present with him are Peter, James and John who along with the other disciples know Jesus but only in his humanity. They have certainly witnessed his miracles and wonders and been impressed by him but in this event, Jesus subjects them to a glimpse of his divinity. In a sacred moment in time they witness him converse with Moses and Elijah both of whom have been dead for hundreds of years. They also witness his physical transformation whilst in prayer; ‘the aspect of his face was changed and his clothing became as brilliant as lightning’.

How different they will see him on the first Good Friday; stripped of all his clothing, beaten, bloodied and bruised beyond recognition and hanging in agony on the cross. So horrific will the experience be that Jesus grants them in his transfiguration a moment to encourage them so that they may not lose heart or faith in him.

As we continue our journey of Lent which draws us ever closer to the pain and suffering of Calvary, let us share this moment of encouragement with Jesus. Each of us will have our fair share of ups and downs in life, pandemics included, and there may well be times when our faith is challenged, but let us, like Peter, James and John, trust in both the Humanity and Divinity of Jesus remembering his sacred promise that those who believe in him will be transformed from suffering and death into life! Life eternal!

"God our Father, in the transfigured glory of Christ your son, you strengthen our faith by confirming the witness of your prophets and show us the splendour of your beloved sons and daughters. As we listen to the voice of your Son, help us to become heirs to eternal life with him who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever.  Amen."  

Fr Kevin


 Each morning we wake, another day

 consumed by the news of the coronavirus.

 Another day facing the same space, the same colours,

 the same sounds. We crave for the difference we had,

 the freedom we are used to, and the people we met.

 As the tears form, please Lord Jesus

 fill my uncertainties with peace and strength.

 We have always needed it, but now we know it.

 We pray for all who are facing isolation, hardship, hunger,

 fear or anxiety. Lord let them know that you are close,

 and guide us, where we have time, energy or resources,

 to reach out and bring relief.

 We should have always done this, but now we know it.

 We pray for all those who are sacrificing safety and comfort

 so that others can be saved.

 For Doctors and nurses, and care workers.

 Fill them with your spirit and let them know

 that they walk in your footsteps.

 It should have always been this way, but now we feel it.

 Through this time, help us to draw together in spirit,

 even while we are apart.

 Help us to seek out the lost and the lonely,

 and to know that in all circumstances,

 however dark things may seem,

 we are loved and we are eternally safe.

Adopt a Care/Nursing Home

We all have a calling, and have been given gifts and talents to use in service to others in our daily lives.

"But I'm not special, I can't do much, especially at the moment."

If that's what you're thinking, think again. The most powerful thing we can do, with the help and strength of the Holy Spirit, is to pray, and hold up in prayer those in need throughout our parish and beyond.

With this in mind we have compiled a list of care and nursing homes in our parish, and ask you to adopt one.

Those residents, carers and their families especially need our prayers at this time.

Could you adopt one to protect with a prayer each day? Perhaps one near your own home or with a special meaning to you? 
If you can, please let us know so we can make sure no one is left out. 

  • Acacia Court (Roe Lane)
  • Ascot Lodge (Chambres Rd.)
  • Blair House (Roe Lane)
  • Cedar Grange (Pilkington Rd.)
  • Dale Park (Meols Cop Rd. )
  • Good Companions (Roe Lane )
  • Hampton Court (Scarisbrick New Rd.)
  • Peacehaven House (Roe Lane)
  • Thomas Henshaw (Norwood Rd.)
  • Woodlands Manor (Chambres Rd.)
  • Lyndale (Rawlinson Road)
  • Poulton Court (Wennington Road)
  • Southport Hospital
  • Queenscourt Hospice

First Holy Communions

We especially remember in our prayers the 26 children who would have made their First Holy Communion on Saturday May 16th together with their families, and thank all their prayer sponsors who have been supporting them - please don't stop!

We look forward to the time when we can come together and celebrate that special Day.